Sunday, 1 July 2018

Warhammer 40k - Secure and control

Ynnari vs Grey Knights - 1500 pts

This battle reminded me a lot of a recent battle against the Emperors favored banana boys. A small elite force of grey knights, all topped with 2+ save and plenty of wounds ambush the fragile and dying Aeldari. Through the far sight visions of the Farseer, the Aeldari manage to seize the initiative and strike first. The objective is to take the enemy objective and hold the own objective...!

Turn 1
The Ynnari war host move forward, knocking down the dreadnought to 1 wound. The grey knights deepstrike most of the army, as well as teleporting the rear deployed assault squad forward. The result is a brutal assault that destroys the wave serpent and consolidate the grey knight positions.

Turn 2
The Ynnari fight back, killing the dreadnought and damaging the (horribly ugly) dreadknight. The wyches reach the grey knight paladins in assault but fail to kill any. In return grey knight charge the guardians killing them, while softening up the rest of the Aeldari infantry. 

Turn 3
The Ynnari destroy the dreadknight (This alone should be considered a major victory for Aeldari and Mankind alike. Sadly there is more of these horrible abominations out there so the Xenos will continue to wage war against mankind for sure.). The grey knight assault squad is reduced in shooting, but a lone wych, unable to escape from close combat, prevents the Ynnari from killing the palladins with ranged fire. In the following grey knight turn, the paladins are reinforced by another group of paladins, raining destruction on the dark reapers. 

Turn 4
The Ynnari kill the new coming paladin squad with combined fire, while the second, now free paladin squad, escort the apothecary close enough to... kill Yvraine with a thunder hammer.

Turn 5
After a continuous standoff between the lascannon armed Razorback and the Nightwings, the Nightwings finally pulls off as winners. This relieve the grey knights of any chance winning the game with no units to hold the objective. The apothecary however... manage to charge the Farseer... and kills him with his thunder hammer.

Minor Aeldari victory.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Bunker Bowl season 4

And so the blood is once again turning the grass into a crimson landscape. its Blood bowl, this time the fourth season of Bunker bowl. Now half way into the season (5 games) the number of deaths have been very disappointing. In the coach corner you can hear whispers of maybe one or two players unfortunate enough to not be playing blood bowl anymore (except maybe for an undead-team).

Above: the team, as it might appear in the future.

This season I'm coaching the infamous Xraz-Warz, the holders of the infinite "Hat-award" and five time winners of the "beard and mustachios world exhibition". This season they drafted the two bull brothers "Huuf Longhat" and "Phuur Tallhat", hoping to find a suitable spot in the rankings. The brothers have so far managed to set a hoofprint on the pitch, see below.

Above: Magritta Dolphins Blitzer Loyd Grizzlybeam smashing Huuf Longhats Hat from his head.

Above: The Selfish Dancers form a cage, just before "Phuur Tallhat" makes a Kingsrun for the ball, stealing it and almost scoring for a TD but gets stuck in the eye with an elf finger.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Warhammer 40K (v8) - The Relic

Iron Warriors vs Custodes - 1530 pts

Turn 1
The Iron warriors seize the objective! A deep striking unit of Obliterators destroy a Custodian jetbike but nothing mote happens. The Custodes strikes back and deep strike a dreadnought, then obliterates the defiler with a salvo from the grav tank. The jetbikes charge and kill one Obliterator, losing a second bike in overwatch fire.


Turn 2
Iron warriors terminators deep strike and cripple the grav tank with shooting and assault, but all other charges are failed. The obliterators are slain by the last jetbike. Custodes terminators arrive and kills a few marines, while the dreadnought and the Custodes guards charge into the massed iron warrior army. The blood letters kills a squad of custodian guards, while the rest of the chaos army is fast decimated.

Turn 3
With few troops left, the Iron warriors can only hope to inflict a few more kills before being overrun, the daemon prince slays the Custodian captain in combat. In return the Grav tank obliterate the daemon prince and the rest of the chaos army is quickly overrun.

Imperial victory!