Thursday, 8 February 2018

Breakthrough - FoW (v4)

Forces 1500
Gebirgsjager (CV)
3x Gebirgsjagerplatoon
1 Special weapons platoon
3x Pak40
2x gebg36
2x Tiger 1

Soviet Hero infantry (FT)
Infantry (FV)
4x Heavy Mortars
4x T34
2x SU-100
2x Katjusha

The scenario we roll for is Breakthrought, with soviets as defender. Soviet Puts all tanks in reserve and holds an infantry platoon in ambush. Germans takes first turn and holds Pak40s and one Jagerplatoon in flanking reserve.

Turn 1
The Germans advance through the forest. Soviets respond by ambushing a 14 stand trained platoon in the village. A few German stands are killed in the fire exchange.

Turn 2
The Germans soften up the soviets with a variety of guns and rifles. Both German platoons assault the pinned soviets, resulting in both sides loosing a lot of troops. The soviet SU-100 arrives from reserve and the veteran soviet infantry moves to protect the other objective threatened by the flank assault.

Turn 3
The Germans struggle to penetrate the village and instead bombard the building with massive MG fire, killing one or two stands of infantry. The T-34 platoon arrive from behind the front line and thanks to short range manage to destroy a Tiger tank and bail the other!


Turn 4
The surviving tiger remounts and return the fire, destroying two T-34. However, it must now take morale tests each turn (due to rather silly v4 morale rules). The Artillery range in at the Katjuschas smoke trails and destroy them both in a bombardment! The T-34s fire at the tiger again, bailing it! The heavy mortar rains fire at the infantry.

Turn 5
The German Pak40s arrive from flanking reserve and destroy both SU-100 with pot-shots through the field at long range. The tiger remount and destroy the last two T-34s. The soviet mortars kills a few German jagers.

Turn 6
The Last Jagerplatoon arrive from reserve and with some aid from the Pak40s they pin the veteran infantry. Then they assault, but the defensive fire manage to pin the assault down! In return the Soviet veteran infantry shoot and assault the Jagers to death. In the village, both sides grind the other to pieces, now leaving only a few infantry on each side... and a Tiger tank.

Turn 7
With only one brave team contesting the objective, things looks bad for the Soviets, but after intense shooting the soviets still holds the day. In return, the veteran Soviet infantry destroy all Pak40s.

Turn 8
Now the silliness of the v4 rules sets in and the mighty Tiger flees the battle! Maybe the single pinned soviet infantry had a Molotov prepared? A last attempt to storm the village is made by the german infantry, but the assaulting team is beaten in melee by the same mighty Molotov equipped soviet soldier.

Turn 9
Having only the HQ left in the main formation, the German remaining forces flees the battle, leaving just a few Soviets soldiers left in the village.

Soviet victory 4-3

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Apocalypse - Forgotten Treasures 40k (v8)

Order of battle, 14000 pts per side

Reclamation force (Order)
Ynnari - 1500
Eldar Ulthwe w scorpion- 2300
Salamander founding Marines w knight - 2500
Imperial fist + Ultramarines - 1500
Adeptus sororitas w knight - 1200
Reaver Titan - 4000

Free forces Alliance (Disorder)
Nurgle deamons - 2500
Sons of horus - 2500
Night lords - 1500
Necrons - 2500
2x Imperial Knights - 1000
2x Warhound titans - 4000

Special house rules
Fog of war - In first players first turn all shooting is -1 to hit.
Stratagems - Maximum 6 CP per player and maxium use of 3 per turn. Strategic reserve: for 1 CP a unit may be placed in reserve and arrive turn 2.
Macro weapons - Macro weapons have -1 to hit if targets starting wounds are 30 and -2 to hit if 15.
Scoring - Slay the warlord, Bring down the GoW and hold enemy objective at end of any turn.

Turn 1

Order make a slight advance towards the Nurgle horde. The Black warhound titan saves all but 6 wounds from the Reaver. One knight goes down (1) by the guns of the sisters knight and the scorpion. A deamon prince is also killed.

Disorder advance on both flanks. Necrons destroy a predator. A warhound destroys a Nightwing and take 12 wounds off the Reaver titan. The other titan shoot down the stormraven gunship.

Order 1
Disorder 0

Turn 2

The Fireprism and Nightwing destroy a soulgrinder. Sisters fire melta guns and destroy the chaos Landraider. The Eldar Scorpion takes 9 wounds off the black warhound titan. In total Chaos loses a Sicaran, Landraider and Predator. Black titan saves all incoming fire from the reaver. A small skirmish between the ultramarine terminators and beasts of Nurgle suffer a few causalities on both sides.

The Disorder side gathers strength and now call for reinforcements. Two Monoliths and a Necron lord deep strike. Combined fire from the Warhound titans destroys the scorpion (1) and takes a few wound off the Reaver titan. The Great unclean one fail to charges the Ultramarines, while the plagueberarers advance on the Sisters of battle.

Order 1
Disorder 1

Turn 3

The stinky threat of the Great uncean one is reduced by lascannon fire (1). A knight and a defiler is heavily damaged, sown to one wound each. A monolith is damaged and Lichguard are destroyed. The Reaver finally destroy one of the Warhound titans that explodes and kills 5 marines (1). The Reaver then charge the monolith and the Necron lord, killing the lord (1). On the other flank, the swooping hawks claims one of the undefended objectives (1).

Shooting for disorder is generally weak but the Reaver is reduced to only 6 remaining wounds. The monolith charge the Reaver but is destroyed in defensive fire by the missile launcher. Nevertheless, the Reaver is finally destroyed by the C'tan in close combat (1), however the titan blast kills the Nightlords chaos warlord (1). Plaugebearers Charge the sisters of battle, killing a few devotees. Khorne berzerkers kill The swooping hawks in a one sided Melee.

Order 6
Disorder 2

Turn 4

The knight with only 1 wound is killed (1) by Ynnari dire avengers, witch soul burst to kill a few marines. The Soulgrinder is smited to death and takes down a few eldar and deamons in the blast. Epidemus is killed by a Nightwing and plasma guns from marines. The Fireprism knocks 2 wounds off the last titan. The sisters knight charge and kills the berzerkers in close combat.

Raptors deep strike to attempt an assassination of the sisters commander. The Warhound titan shoots at the sisters knight but only inflict 9 wounds of damage. The chaos fire a flakk missile and takes down the Eldar Hemlock flyer. The C'tan charge and kill the marine commander (1). Plaugebeares advances on the objective and with a charge reach far enough to score a point (1). Raptors fail to charge the sisters commander.

Order 7
Disorder 4

Turn 5

A cleanup of enemies is attempted by the order side. Eldar rangers kills the C'tan. Raptors are killed by a flurry of fire from various sources. Horrors are killed by Ynnari dire avengers. A lot of plaugebearers are killed and the unit is reduced to 5 but 6 are coming back at the end of the phase. The sister hospitaller hero survives the plaugebearer horde. Marines scores a point for the order side in the monastery (1).

With a last chance to score any points the Warhound takes aim at the sisters knight, but after shooting is finished it still remains with 2 wounds left. A wounded Abaddon kills the imperial fist commander and scores a point for disorder (1). Plaugebearers finally kills the sisters hospitaller, while being just a few inch short of scoring another point on the objective.

The Battle ends in favor for the Order side.

Order 8
Disorder 5

Friday, 29 December 2017

Warhammer 40k (V8) - No mercy


Dark angels - 6CP
Captain in terminator armour
5 Tataros terminators
5 Marines
5 Marines
10 Marines
Stormraven gunship
Deredeo Dreadnought

Ulthwé Aeldari - 6CP
Warlock conclave
10 Guardians
10 Guardians
6 Rangers
5 Fire dragons
5 Swooping hawks
5 Dark reapers
2x Wave serpent
2x Nightwing
Fire prism

The last battle report of the year will be a battle of 8th ed wh40k. This game has got at lot of attention at our gaming community lately as it now faster and more enjoyable than before. It does however have a very clear alpha strike syndrome, at least for many shooting armies, where the opponent easily can be reduced beyond fighting abilities after the first round of combat.

We roll a No mercy battle with a bit awkward spearhead setup, where the aim is to get as many kill points as possible. Dark angels hold Terminators in deep stike and eldar have Swooping hawks and rangers in reserve.

Turn 1
DA begin the battle but lacking a large fire base of heavy weapons, mainly advance into position. A few guardians are killed bu the storm raven and the dreadnought dish out a lot of firepower and takes two wounds off a wave serpent.

Eldar strike back and fire dragons and guardians destroys the storm raven. Most of the firepower is aimed at the dreadnought, but its thought and suffers only a few wounds.

Turn 2
Terminators deep stike behind the wave serpent and blasts away at the flyer. The few remaining wounds after shooting are easily taken down in close combat. The Dreadnought attempts to down a Nightwing, but magic invulnerable saves saves it from destruction, and it stands with 5 wounds left. The lieutenant overcharge its plasma to finish it of, but rolls a double "1" and suffers the feared death of overheat.

Eldar shooting take a few wounds off the dreadnought and the rhino, while the dark reapers struggling to find fire angles kills a single marine.

Turn 3
The few remaining marines in the forest kills the guardians but only one of the two fire dragons. The Dreadnought again takes aim at the wounded Nightwing, witch once again magically rolls eanought saves to keep it alive with 1 wound left. The marines in the rhino dismount in the ruins and fires upon the dark reapers and the Nightwing, but only kills a single reaper!

Rangers suddenly appear from their hiding place in the ruins, and the swooping hawks lands on the battlefield. The rangers go for the gamble and aim at the dreadnought, scoring 3 mortal wounds with their rifles! The lance armed wave serpent then kills the dreadnought by taking its 2 last wounds. The last remaining fire dragon destroys the rhino. 

Turn 4
The marines in the ruins instead fires upon the guardians, but the combination of warlock powers jinx and protect and the Ulthwé save is just enough to save them all. A last chance for the terminators appear to down the single wound Nightwing with their auto cannon, but the shot just miss the target. The last firedragon is finally killed!

The full wrath of the eldar army concentrate on the isolated units of marines, somehow killing them all except a few terminators.

Turn 5
With only two terminators and the captain left, the DA reconsider their plans and move to the end of the forest.

With most units in wrong position, the eldar fire base fail to destroy all of the remaining units, as the heroic DA captain teleport away with only 2 wounds left at the end of turn 5.

Linebreaker, first blood, 8 killpoints

3 killpoints

A battle that sadly turned out to be a bit one sided after the first two turns, as many times in wh40k. But I had a chance to test the eldar codex for real. A few moments were well decided by good (surviving Nightwing) and bad (overheating lieutenant) dice rolls.