Thursday, 3 August 2017

Warhammer 8th ed - The Scourging

Chaos 850
Lord in TE armour
10 Marines
10 Marines
3 Obliterators
1 Vindicator

Drukhari+Harlequin 850
Lelith Hesperax
10 Warrior+Raider
10 Wyches+Raider
Harlequin master
5 Player+Starweaver

We place six objectives worth different points from 1-4. Obliterators start in teleport chamber and Drukhari takes first turn.

Turn 1
The Drukari advances and after shooting they have killed three marines and taken two wounds of the vindicator. The Iron warrior Obliterators enter the battlefield behind one raider and damage it. The Starweaver is also damaged by the vindicator, with re-rolls the damage result from one to two.

Turn 2
Drukari unload wyches and Harlequins. The warrior raider gives a broadside effectively killing three marines, while disintegrator and shuriken cannon fire knocks off another six wounds from the vindicator. Harlequin and wyches assault marines on both sides, inflicting heavy causalities. The Starweaver assault the Vindicator to prevent it from shooting. The Iron warriors Obliterators attempt to destroy the full raider but manage only to inflict 4 wounds. In assault, a few Drukhari and a Harlequin is killed and at the end of the turn only the lord and a few marines is still standing.

Turn 3
The Vindicator is easily destroyed by combined lance and shuriken fire. In assault, all remaining Chaos are killed, as is the chaos lord, killed by the hand of Leilith Hesperax. In Iron warroirs turn Obliteratiors take down the damaged Raider and deal six wounds to the undamaged Raider. First full kill for the Iron warriors!

Turn 4
With fire from cannons, rifles and pistols, the Obliterators takes two wounds and are then brutally charged by wyches and goes down in the fight step. 

A massive Drukhari victory, wiping the table in turn four.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Apocalypse - 8th ed

The scenario
This battle is about 10000 pts on each side, with the "order" side being loyal Astrates and Eldar, vs an unholy alliance of Chaos, Necrons and Tyranids. We used the rules for "the scourging" and deployed eight objectives, with two being worth 4 points, and two being worth 1 point, the rest is 2 point each. Both sides roll for who gets first turn and deploys first and the order side wins. No seize the initiative is used.

Turn 1


Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

The last turn was all about securing the 4 point objective in the order side deployment zone. The battle ended in a stunning victory for the unholy alliance, with something like 10 pts to 3.

Warhammer 40k - Secure and control

The game
My first  game of 8th edition 40k will be a dust off between the new Primaris marines and my stubborn Iron warriors. We got a Secure and control scenario and rolled a search and destroy deployment - setup in opposing quarters, 9" from the middle. Forces are 1000 pts each.

Turn 1
With basic rules, everything is deployed on the battlefield, except deep striking units. My Iron warriors takes first turn and makes just small advancement.

Turn 2
Both Heretic Terminators and Loyalist jump marines reinforce the battlefield. With mainly bolter fire, the shooting phase offers few kills. The primaris jump marines assault the flyer, but fail to do any damage. 

Turn 3
Deepstriking terminators and a squad of marines assault the plasma armed primaris. First blood is gained by the loyalists, as the rhino goes down in assault.

Turn 4 - 5
The Hellblade kills two plasma armed marines and a lieutenant with its deadly hellstorm cannons, but is then finally shot down with a storm of plasma and bolter fire.  The Primaris is now in possession of their own objective, but the Iron warriors is to far away from theirs. We roll to see if the game continues, and it does for at least another turn.

Turn 6
The Iron warriors attempts to break the enemy line in case of a 7th turn, but the game ends and the Primaris takes it all.

Primaris 4 (objective, First blood) - Chaos 0