Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Flames of war (V4) - Rearguard

Hero strelkovy 1500 pts (Berlin book) - 6 platoons (Fearless trained)
Kampfgruppe Lehr 1500 pts (Atlantic wall) - 6 platoons (Confident veteran)

The scenario
In this scenario an attacker and a defender is chosen. It is very similar to the v3 scenario "Hold the line", with the defender winning after turn 9 if the attacker has not claimed a objective before that happens. The defender will however have to remove a unit every turn as long as there is 5 or more units, or receive a counter "counting" as a unit. The defender also place a minefield for every 750 pts point allowance.

Turn 1
The attacking Panzer lehr cannot use any scout abilities as the enemy deployment is just 40 cm away. Units advance on all flanks and the pre-ranged in Hummels eliminates two of the four soviet zis -3 guns making them out of command.

The T-34s ambush to get some shots off the armored mortars and the gep. infantry. The veteran infantry advance on the right soviet flank. The guns just pass their morale and chose to remain out command to fire back.

Turn 2
A german smoke screen covers the half tracks advence from the su-100. Guns are slowly killing off soviet infantry, but with little effect. The gep. infantry on the german left flank take positions in the nearby buildings.

The Zis-3 fail their morale and is removed as casualty. The t-34:s hunt down the armored mortars, while the infantry attempts to assault the infantry in the building, killing two teams before breaking off.

Turn 3
The gep. infantry now attempts an assault on the dug in infantry, killing two teams, but also having one half tracked bailed in defensive fire. The soviets counterattacks but fail to penetrate the armor of the halftracks. The Lehr rolls for counterattack, but fails, and the bailed halftrack and its passengers are destroyed!

The Katjushas are removed as there are 5 of more defending platoons on the table. The infantry platoon partially in the buildings attempt to assault the German infantry, but are pinned back by defensive fire.

Turn 4
The Pumas outflank the su-100, lining up for a perfect shot next turn. The gep infantry once again attempts to assault the soviet infantry position, this time killing three teams. The soviets fail their motivation to counterattack and have to break off, leaving the objective undefended.

The infantry fail to up-pin, resulting in the only way o stop the Germans is to kill the other infantry platoon and the CiC. A long range shots from the s-100 kills the 2iC and a panzer IV, but the attempt to assault the infantry in the building are once again stopped by defensive fire. 

Turn 5
The German gep infantry claims the objective.

German Stunning victory (as only the mortars were lost)

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