Monday, 19 June 2017

Flames of war (V4) - Pacific

Somewhere in french Indochina the expeditionary British forces encounter the Imperial Japanese army. A company of Matilda tanks face off against a Japanese infantry company trying out the V4 rules.

In V4 fewer teams can assault and causalities can only be taken from units in base to base contact.

Dug in infantry cannot expect to live as long as they did in V3. Better charge forward! 

Tanks can still be beaten by the Nikuhaku teams, but they can only target one or two tanks nowadays.

Bulletprof cover is still your friend!

Tanks must make cross checks to see if they can flee from an assault if they can only flee through terrain. A failed crosscheck means that the tank is captured and destroyed.

Guns have a better surviveability to direct fire with a 3+ save. But command teams are not used any more, so small gun platoons will become even smaller!

Tanks are pretty much the same as in V3, except their movement have change slightly. Many re-roll abilities are now a bonus to morale or skill checks instead.

You can still win by taking the opponents objectives, or you can destroy enough troops to once the enemy company to retreat. In this game, the British Matilda company was reduced to a single combat platoon and had to retreat.

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